The PSA has issued a new guidance note for the security industry in accordance with the latest Government announcement of further measures to restrict the spread of Covid-19. The new guidance note is available here and comes into effect from 6pm on Friday, 8th January 2021.

Clarification was issued by the PSA on the guidance note on 8th January:
Unoccupied premises is not intended to mean that a homeowner can leave their home for a period of time while the installation or works are carried out. It relates to properties that are currently under construction. This is in line with Government advice on construction works. According to, construction work can take place in “private homes that are practically complete and scheduled for habitation by 31 January 2021, including where snagging, and essential remediation work, such as pyrite works is nearing completion, works should continue to enable homeowners access their homes. Heating, water, broadband and electricity installation should also continue to enable homes be occupied.”

The Private Security Authority have decided that works can take place in domestic settings that fall into the above description.

No other electronic security works are to take place in a domestic setting unless it is an emergency. The installer will determine if the works to be carried out are of an emergency nature and must note the reasoning for their determination on the customers file for future inspection if necessary. In the event that emergency works are necessary in a domestic setting, the installer must complete a risk assessment to determine if it is safe to carry out works. The risk assessment must be kept on file for future inspection if necessary. All proper hygiene procedures and social distancing requirements must also be adhered to at all times.

Please continue to take account of all public health advice issued in the days and weeks ahead.