The Private Security Authority (PSA) has announced it will commence the licensing of employees in the Event Security Sector from the 1st March.

Announcing the licensing of Event Security personnel, the PSA’s Chief Executive, Paul Scallan said: “The licensing of employees in the Event Security sector will complement the licensing of Event Security contractors which has been in place for some time. Licensing will ensure that all those working at events will meet minimum training standards, undergo criminal record checking with An Garda Síochána and be easily identifiable to event patrons.

The primary purpose of licensing is to protect the public and the measures being introduced will enhance the quality of security services being provided at events and result in a safer environment for event goers.

Any person found to be working without a licence faces prosecution. In addition, any person engaging an unlicensed event security person also faces prosecution with fines of up to €4,000.“

For further information on how to obtain a licence please click here