The Private Security Authority (PSA) have been advised by the Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) that new safety legislation relating to electrical work in the home will come into effect from the 1st October 2013. As a result only Registered Electrical Contractors (RECs) may carry out electrical work in residential premises.

These new regulations include electrical works which PSA licensed contractors carry out within residential premises (including any part of its out-buildings or curtilage used for non-commercial purposes).  Such work might involve the installation of a new system where there is no spur in place or extending or altering an existing system where the work does not fall under the exemptions listed below.

A person who is not a REC but who carries out significant electrical work within residential premises will be liable to a fine of up to €15,000 or a term of imprisonment of up to 3 years or to both.

There are some exemptions and those which may be most relevant to PSA licensed contractors are listed below.  Individuals do not have to be registered in order to carry out:

  • the replacement or relocation of a light fitting where the existing circuit is retained;
  • the provision of an additional socket to an existing radial circuit;
  • electrical works which do not require the issuance of a completion certificate under section 9D of the Act (for example, the addition to an existing circuit of an accessory or similar item); or, electrical works on farms or other commercial premises.

However, it is important to note that if individuals complete electrical work which falls under those exemptions, but which is not to an adequate standard and there is subsequent injury or loss of life, then those individuals may be subject to prosecution under other legislation. Therefore, while not a legal requirement the CER recommends that only RECs carry out electrical works on commercial premises.

Further information is available at

The PSA expects all licensed contractors to comply with the new legislation. Where breaches of the legislation or breaches of the National Wiring Rules (ET 101) are notified to the PSA action will be taken against the licence holder and may include the suspension or revocation of your PSA licence.

All enquires relating to the new regulations should be directed to CER.