The Private Security Authority, together with An Garda Síochána, conducted inspections at 29 licensed premises last Saturday night, the 14th April 2012. Gardaí from Store Street Station accompanied inspectors from the Authority on visits to public houses in Dublin city centre.

The inspections were aimed at security contractors providing door supervisor services and doormen. The inspections identified 7 contractors providing services in the city and  82 doormen. Only one of those interviewed on the night was found not to be licensed by the Authority while 4 were found not to be wearing an identity badge as required by law. These 4 licence holders now face the risk of having their licence suspended for failing to comply with licensing regulations while the unlicensed doorman could face prosecution.

This joint operation marks the latest in a series of operations by both organisations aimed at the door security industry. An Garda Síochána is playing an increasing role throughout the country in ensuring doormen are licensed and wearing identity badges.

The Private Security Authority is the statutory body with responsibility for licensingand regulating the private security industry in Ireland. The Authority is an independent body under the aegis of the Department of Justice and Equality. There are over 8,000 individuals licences to provide door security services nationwide with almost 3,000 living in Dublin.

The results of the inspections were in line with recent trends across the county which show that over 95% of doormen are licensed as required by law.