Annual Report 2019

We are pleased to present the 2019 Annual Report of the Private Security Authority which charts our progress over the year. We made considerable progress in some key areas during the year. Two new standards were published, PSA 31:2019 for new entrant contractors into the Door Supervisor, Event Security and Security Guarding sectors and PSA 74:2019, a new quality management standard replacing Sr40 in the Electronic Security sectors. We set the critical date for the licensing of employees in the Event Security sector and undertook a public consultation on the requirements for licensing contractors in the Powered Gates sector.

We continued to focus resources in the area of compliance, recruiting an additional inspector in April and another scheduled to join us in January 2020. Our compliance work led to the revocation of 16 contractor licences and 10 employee licences in 2019. We processed 14,800 licence applications, up 80% on 2018, as we returned to normal volumes following the impact of the three year licence cycle introduced for employees in 2016.

Our objectives for 2019 had been set out in our Strategic Plan 2019-2021. We highlighted in last year’s report the challenge we faced in completing our mandate due to shortfalls in both funding and personnel. The departure of two of our senior management team during the year added to this challenge and made it difficult to achieve our objectives. as a result we have had to reschedule the timelines on some projects.

Mr Noel Lappin (Chairman)

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