Foreword by Ronan King, Chairperson of the Private Security Authority

I am pleased to introduce the 2010 Report of the Private Security Authority. 2010 was another successful year for the PSA across all its operational areas.

Despite economic difficulties throughout the industry, the PSA received the highest number of individual applications since 2007 when licensing was initially launched. Our processing has been significantly re-designed since then and the PSA can now issue licences faster and with significantly fewer resources than were originally assigned to the PSA.

With the launch of identity cards last year and our continued on the ground inspections there has been a noticeable increase in compliance rates by those working in the industry. Compliance with individual licensing now stands at 95% for security guarding and at 85% for door security. This is in comparison to figures of 92% and 82% respectively at the end of 2009. 2010 also saw the completion of a Requirements Document for CCTV Installation which paves the way for the licensing of CCTV installers.

2010 Annual Report